Pastors & Staff

Chris Funk

Senior Pastor

My family and I have been joyfully serving the Lord at Calvary Chapel AJ since 2002. It's been our  desire to grow continually in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He's been faithful year after year.
Prior to serving at Calvary Chapel, I attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in California where the Lord began to call me into ministry. While the Lord was preparing me for ministry, God also brought my wife Naomi and I together. Naomi serves alongside me running the children's ministry and overseeing the women's ministry. We are blessed to celebrate 20 years of marriage with four awesome children. Our oldest is now at Bible College where  my wife and I attended.

God grabbed a hold of my heart in 1999, my senior year of High School. Through the teaching of the Word of God, He restored me, renewed me and refreshed me. It's been my desire since the Lord has saved me and changed me, to teach His Word, knowing He can and will restore, renew and refresh others. I stand by Jesus's words in Matthew 4 verse 4 "It is written,  'Man shall not live on bread alone, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'" I can be reached through the contacts listing for any questions or comments.

Charley Johnson

Pastor Emeritus

Charley Johnson is the most seasoned member of our team as he has been a pastor for over 35 years. He joined the Marines in 1969  and did a tour in Vietnam exiting the military in 1970. It took some time, but the Lord got a hold of his life and he became a born again believer in fall of 1979. He married his wife Denise in August of 1980 and they have raised several kids who have now had their own, resulting in 17+ grandkids. Pastor Charley has been Senior Pastor since the church was founded but  officially retired to a consulting position in  October of 2020. When Charley is not at church, he can be found taking a ride on his Harley, out camping in the wilderness or enjoying retirement with his wife.

Dustin Nelson

Worship Leader

 Dustin officially joined our staff as the Worship Leader in fall of 2019. As an Arizona pastor's kid, he has a heart for the valley and a passion for music. He graduated Bible College in 2012 after 2 years of studying. While there he met his wife Laura, who helps run the children's ministry, and they will be married 10 years this coming  September. They have both served at the church since they first started coming in 2015 and live nearby with their three beautiful girls. 

Graydon Svendson

Youth Leader

Graydon has been attending Calvary Chapel Apache Junction for 30 years. After attending the fellowship as a child and committing his life to Jesus,  he went on to attend the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta in 2007 where he felt the call to be involved in ministry. He became the youth leader at Calvary Chapel Apache Junction in 2009. Graydon has been married to Noel, who he met at our church, for almost 15 years and they have 4 beautiful kids. Both Graydon and Noel can be found serving in the youth group or onstage leading worship during our Sunday and Wednesday services.